Music From Around The World: Episode 39


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Music Around The World is a music segment featuring various artist and music. Some of these artists are from the United States, while others are from other countries across the globe. In this episode we will be featuring: a collaboration from Fertile and Astrounit, music from FirewoodIsland, Aiden Francis and Duo Pig and Dan. Intro: 0:00 to 0:14 Fertile and Astrounit : Start – 0:14 and End – 6 minutes and 55 secondsFeatured Song - Stare Into My EyesLike Fertile on Facebook at: Astrounit on Facebook at: Fertile on Twitter at: and Like Fertile on Instagram at: 6 minutes and 40 seconds FirewoodIsland: Start – 6 minutes and 55 seconds and End – 10 minutes and 47 secondsFeatured Song - ‘Snow (Dripping Woollen Jumpers)For more information about FirewoodIsland visit: FirewoodIsland.comLike FirewoodIsland on Facebook at: FirewoodIsland on Twitter at: and Like FirewoodIsland on Instagram at: 3 minutes and 51 seconds Events From Around The World ChicagoVenue Name: Primary Night ClubDay: SaturdayDate: November 20thPerformers: Alex Peace, Victor R and TsunamiPresale Information: Primarychi.thebloxoffice.comStart -10 minutes and 47 and End -11 minutes and 14 seconds Venue Name: Spybar ChicagoDay: FridayDate: November 26thPerformer: Franky WahPresale Information: SpyBarChicago.comStart – 11 minutes and 14 seconds and End –11 minutes and 25 seconds TexasVenue Name: Concourse ProjectDay: SaturdayDate: November 20thPerformers: Anjunadeep On Rotation w/ Dosem, Durante, & Lauren MiaPresale Information: ConcourseProject.comStart – 11 minutes and 25 seconds and End -11 minutes and 44 secondsVenue Name: It’ll DoDay: SaturdayDate: November 25thPerformers: Eli BrownPresale Information: Itlldoclub.comStart - 11 minutes and 44 seconds and End -12 minutes and 01 second Stuttgart GermanyVenue Name: White NoiseDay: SaturdayDate: November 20thPerformers: Priku and Studio 17Presale Information: White-noise.euStart - 12 minutes and 01 seconds and End -12 minutes and 25 seconds Aiden Francis : Start – 12 minutes and 37 seconds and End -18 minutes and 20 secondsFeatured Song - ElegyLike Aiden Francis on Facebook at: Aiden Francis on Twitter at: and Like Aiden Francis on Instagram at: 5 minutes and 42 seconds Pig and Dan: Start – 18 minutes and 20 seconds and End -26 minutes and 31 secondsFeatured Song - EpiphanyFor more information about Pig and Dan visit: Piganddan.comLike Pig and Dan on Facebook at: Pig and Dan on Twitter at: and Like Pig and Dan on Instagram at: 8 minutes and 11 seconds Outro: 26 minutes and 32 seconds and 27 minutes and 12 seconds Are you interested in being featured on Music From Around The World? Reach out to us at: for consideration.

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