Team MVP: The False Realities of Social Media


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As a society, we’re increasingly becoming more immersed in the digital world and developing social ties that exist only online. While the likes of Facebook and Instagram provide us with an opportunity to stay connected with loved ones, it also presents a false reality that can take on a life of its own. Counselor and Author of "Sleeping With My Shoes On", L.J. Jackson explains how social media impacts us and what we can do to combat this effect. L.J also answers questions such as: 1. Why are people affected mentally by social media?2. What can people do to maintain a sense of self-worth while being on social media?3. How can people be more mindful of what they post?4. Do you find that social media is a good or bad thing for society?5. What can we do to make social media less harmful?6. What are some reasons people may be faking it on social media?7. How do you feel about social media showcasing a life that is not realistic for many people? For more information about L.J Jackson visit: PersonalPowerWithin.comLike L.J on Facebook at: and Follow L.J on Instagram at:

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