The Top NBA Basketball Dynasties


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In the NBA the players are not the only thing that make the game exciting. A dynasty can be defined as a team who dominates for a lengthy period of time. Lead columnist at The Athletic, Marcus Thompson explains what a dynasty is and how they have shaped the NBA. Marcus also answers: 1. What made you write a book about NBA dynasties?2. How important is coaching to a dynasty?3. What defines a dynasty?4. How many dynasty teams are there?5. Which teams are the most recent ones?6. If you have a polarizing personality does it affect a dynasty’s reputation?7. Can you lose dynasty status?8. In your book you say dynasties are the innovators of play; can you give a breakdown of what was the style each dynasty?9. Do you think that social media has narrowed the interaction gap between players and fans?10. Do you think this can affect the player negatively?11. What are your thoughts about this NBA season? For the latest articles by Marcus visit: Marcus on Twitter at:

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