Tom Campbell: One Man’s Quest to Prove We are in a Simulation


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Do you ever wonder if reality is just a simulation? What if this world is just a hologram? The theory of simulation hypothesizes that the universe is being simulated by a computer. This is similar to how virtual reality works. Based on the simulation theory, the human mind is prone to believe that events in its life are real because they seem so convincing. The idea of a simulated world is one such notion Author and former NASA physicist, Tom Campbell is in the process of doing an experiment to prove we might be living in a simulation. He explains more about the simulation theory and answers questions like: 1. Where did the theory of humans maybe living in simulation originate from?2. If we do live in a simulation, how would it be possible to tell?3. What are some experiments that could prove we live in a virtual world?4. How long would it take to get the results to your simulation theory test?5. What are the implications for humanity if he right? For information about Tom and his latest projects visit:

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