Understanding The Competitive Job Market


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The job search market is a competitive place today, with more and more job seekers entering the field at a rapid rate due to either being laid off or resigning. This means your job search strategy needs to be updated constantly to keep you ahead of the competition. Executive Producer & Host of the Who Ya Know - Job Networking Show!, Trevor Houston explains how to properly brand yourself and increase your chances for employment. Trevor also speaks about: People use to prepare their resume when they were hunting for a new job. Now there is so much more to do than just that. So what are some things they can do, to prepare for the hunt, for a new job? - 0:29 to 1:58What are some of the greatest challenges you have noticed people are experiencing when searching for a job? - 1:59 to 3:46How fair is the new way of processing job applications compared to the past? - 3:46 to 4:55With all these changes do you feel there is some form of bias connected to current job searches? - 4:58 to 6:38How important is social media to your job search? - 6:40 to 8:24What is the best social media site to use for your job search? - 8:26 to 9:12If you are not on social media of any sorts; does this affect your chances of employment? and if so why? - 9:13 to 10:31How do you network to find a new job or role? - 10:32 to 12:19What are some networking sites you recommend? - 12:19 to 13:35Networking, even how having pictures are all important to a job search; however where does skill and ability fit in? - 13:37 to 17:10 For more information about Trevor Houston visit: Whoyaknow.showLike Trevor on Facebook at: Facebook.com/WhoYaKnowFollow and Like Trevor on Instagram at: Instagram.com/TrevorHouston77 https://masonverapaine.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/0.-Trevor-Houston-Navigating-The-Job-Market.mp3 Like Mason on Facebook at: Facebook.com/MasonVeraPaine and follow on Twitter at: Twitter.com/MasonVeraPaine. Interested in being a guest on the show or wish to send pitches contact us at: Contact@Masonverapaine.com

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