What are cockfights and what is being done to stop them?


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It’s no secret that animal fighting is a violent and cruel practice. In fact, it’s been declared a felony in all 50 states and in U.S Territories Puerto Rico and Guam. Many people are surprised to learn just how often these fights happen, and how widespread the problem is. President of Animal Wellness Action, Wayne Pacelle, explains why animal fighting is so big and why congress has got involved to curb it. Wayne also answers: 1 What animals are used the most in illegal animal fights?2. Why has congress got involved with illegal animal fighting?3. Has illegal animal fighting increased over the years?4. Why has illegal animal fighting increased over the years?5. What state has the most illegal activity when it comes to animal fighting?6. How does the US Postal Service Fit into this into this equation?7. Outside of animal fighting being illegal, what are some other dangers involved in this; that people should be aware of? For more information about Animal Wellness Action visit: Animalwellnessaction.orgFollow Animal Wellness Action on Twitter at: Twitter.com/Awaction_NewsLike Animal Wellness Action on Facebook at: Facebook.com/AnimalWellnessActionFollow and Like Animal Wellness Action on Instagram at: Instagram.com/AnimalWellnessAction https://masonverapaine.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/14.-Wayne-Pacelle-Animal-Fighting.mp3 Like Mason on Facebook at: Facebook.com/MasonVeraPaine and follow on Twitter at: Twitter.com/MasonVeraPaine. Interested in being a guest on the show or wish to send pitches contact us at: Contact@Masonverapaine.com

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