Mastering Money 10/22/20


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Well, it is Debate Night in America again, provided both candidates pass the COVID test today. The Biden campaign has successfully made the election about one issue: COVID 19. In point of fact, the election is really about the funding of the Green New Deal, higher taxes, open borders, and free health care for illegals. Joe Biden also wants to sell himself as “Middle Class Joe”. But is Joe Biden, who lives in a 7,000 square foot mansion with a ten million dollar net worth according to his public disclosures, really a middle class hero. We have the Forbes report on his rise from a negative net worth in 2009, to ten million dollars today in the Market Intel segment. Then we'll hear from the head of the Pennsylvania Boilermakers Union, who was shocked to hear that Biden claimed they endorsed him. They didn't. You'll hear the whole story....a great show for you today, MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!

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