Mastering Money 10/29/20


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With the Green New Deal--or a scaled down version of it--becoming more of an issue every year-- there is no question the world is heading toward cleaner manufacturing technologies, cleaner forms of fuel, and advanced carbon capture technology to make coal and petroleum cleaner. Why do we still need coal and petroleum? Electricity! Without fossil fuel technology, our nation would not have enough uninterrupted electricity to run cities, suburbs, airports, mass transit, schools and other facilities that simply cannot run on solar and wind. Wall Street is gearing up to find profitable ways to take out particles of carbon into the atmosphere once it's there. We'll review one company that has already been doing it for years. Then controversial political commentator and film-maker Denesh Desouza joins us for the Q & A A terrific show you don't want to miss--MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!

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