Mastering Money 11/30/21


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Today on Mastering Money, a very special guest joins us--Chris Hill, long time Wizard for the Motley Fool and host of the Motley Fool Money Show. Steve and Chris will share views on the market. But first.....Very few investors would consider basing their entire life savings around owning just one stock. The reason is obvious. Even with the best company on the planet, times change, things go wrong, competitors emerge and the stock price can fall. At first glance, some investors believe diversification simply means SPREADING your risk. But is that really all there is to it? If all it took to be successful was to own lots of different stocks, without regard to WHY you own each and every one of them, then there would be no losers on Wall Street. Everybody would win every day, and all the time. Because we know there are more losers than winners on Wall Street, it is important to truly diversify your portfolio in the smartest way possible--and according to your age. A power packed show you don't want to miss, MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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