Mastering Money 9/18/20


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Joe Biden, the official presidential nominee of the Democrat party, has presented a $7 trillion dollar spending proposal: He says it will UNIFY America. So… what's in it? Well, if the man from Delaware were to be elected president, he wants the federal government to spend close to $7 trillion dollars more than currently projected over the next decade on issues like health care, housing for the poor, free college, prison reform, and climate change to name only a few — as part of a sweeping presidential platform that he says will build on President Barack Obama's legacy and unite a fractured nation. The former vice president has said he will pay for these “uniting” measures with about $4 trillion dollars in tax increases on corporations, investments, and wealthy Americans. Steve and I will examine and report on the details of the plan. Then, health insurance and Medicare expert Shelley Grandidge joins us. A very timely show you DON'T want to miss....MASTERING MONEY is on the air!!!

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