Peldi (Balsamiq) - Continuous Learning as Remote Company DNA - S1E8


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We covered:
  • 02:31 — Why Peldi moved back to Italy to build Balsamiq
  • 07:26 — What Balsamiq does to maintain a self-aware and continuous learning culture
  • 10:16 — Why “experiment culture” is important in Balsamiq
  • 13:35 — Why Peldi prefers not placing too much weight on his own “voice” within the company
  • 21:15 — The un-sexy part of remote hiring (legal challenges, paperwork, etc.)
  • 28:05 — A peek into Balsamiq's hiring process
  • 29:50 — Balsamiq's onboarding process and how it has evolved over time
  • 32:46 — How Peldi moved away from doing the things he's good at

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