Hiten Shah (FYI) - Figuring Out Your Remote Work Structure - S1E7


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We covered:
  • 2:27 — How Hiten Shah started his very early internet business
  • 4:00 — Why Hiten and his co-founder Marie Prokopets wrote the Remote Work Report
  • 6:10 — The most surprising finding from the Remote Work Report
  • 8:10 — How a remote manager can help remote team members figure out their ideal daily structure
  • 10:10 — What exactly is “overcommunicating”?
  • 12:37 — Why understanding people is the most important challenge remote companies need to tackle
  • 14:00 — Hiten’s hiring process and the biggest differences in hiring remotely between then and now
  • 24:00 — Questions people should ask themselves when they’re building a remote team.
  • 29:09 — Where Hiten usually does his best work

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