Mark Faggiano (TaxJar) - Prioritizing Employee Experience - S1E1


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We covered:
  • 03:00 — Why Mark is passionate about remote work
  • 06:30 — The point during company scaling when it started to become harder to convey the company’s core values 06:30
  • 10:40 — The importance of employee onboarding, and why Mark decided to personally onboard new employees until the company grew to a team of 20
  • 16:00 — The importance of the Employee Experience Team and People Ops to TaxJar
  • 25:00 — How TaxJar’s transparency helped build trust among potential customers and new hires
  • 31:00 — How remote job applicants can stand out
  • 42:45 — Why it is now easier to raise money as a distributed startup

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