Tammy Bjelland (Workplaceless) - Leveling Up Your Company with Remote Work - S1E14


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Topics also covered on the podcast episode:
  • 04:12 — How Tammy realized that working in an office is not really for her
  • 07:00 — What fascinates Tammy the most about remote work
  • 08:27 — How remote work can improve the education sector
  • 13:30 — How Workplaceless started
  • 16:46 — Why companies and managers need training to successfully become “remote”
  • 21:51 — Why creating a career map is important for remote companies
  • 24:54 — The #1 fear of companies who are trying to go remote
  • 30:24 — The three pillars framework you can start with when proposing a remote initiative to your boss
  • 32:37 — Is it possible to hire for potential?

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