Justin Mitchell (YAC) - High-Res Communication in Remote Teams - S1E4


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We covered:
  • 01:28 — How Justin got his first startup gig in high school
  • 06:06 — What is YAC?
  • 07:46 — Why voice communications are better than written documents
  • 12:44 — Using voice for async communication and clarity
  • 26:33 — How YAC launched via Product Hunt Maker’s Festival
  • 33:29 — Why Silicon Valley companies are doing themselves a disservice by not hiring outside the valley
  • 37:04 — Why remote work can create a ‘disconnect’ between the CEO and CTO
  • 41:12 — Why high-resolution communication is crucial for remote startups
  • 45:23 — The role of voice in the future of remote work and other aspects of daily life.
  • 48:50 — Using voice communication to increase accessibility

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