Masters of Growth #3 - Optimization Programme Strategies with Nick So from WiderFunnel


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Here are the questions we discussed in this episode of Masters of Growth on which we had the pleasure to talk to the Nick So, Director of Optimization Strategy at WiderFunnel: 1) What are ingredients of a successful optimization strategy? 2) Common mistakes companies make along the process of starting an optimization programme? 3) What keeps you up at night as an Optimizer? WiderFunnel's proven PIE Framework is also available for scoring your ideas in iridion - Check it out! Links from this episode: Send us your questions using #mog on twitter or LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can visit our website and use the intercom chat option on the lower right to talk to Tim directly for feedback on the show or to submit questions. iridion website: iridion YouTube channel: Tim on twitter: André on twitter: --- Iridion is the conversion optimization platform enabling optimizers to learn and succeed. Iridion supports you in finding the right ideas to test, prioritize your efforts, set up and monitor experiments as well as documenting and sharing your gained insights. André Morys is the CEO of konversionsKRAFT, a well-known optimization agency. Andre is a prolific entrepreneur, speaker, and author who’s shaping the internal optimization landscape for several years. He also co-founded the Global Optimization Group as the first international network for conversion optimization. Tim Herbig is a product and business leader, as well as a prolific writer, podcaster, and speaker. He’s responsible for the overall sales, product, engineering and marketing efforts behind the leading conversion optimization platform Iridion. He previously shaped digital products at XING, Gruner+Jahr, and several smaller startups where he held product leadership roles for more than seven years. Tim also regularly co-organizes the Product Tank Hamburg meetup to promote the local product management community.

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