96. How setbacks create momentum w/ Robert Reffkin, Compass founder and CEO


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As dangerous as obstacles and setbacks may appear, they can also present opportunities. Robert Reffkin, founder and CEO of the real estate platform, Compass, knows this well. He’s a perfect example of how to use challenges to generate a fresh burst of energy. Reffkin explains how he’s been able to reassess situations in the wake of setbacks, plan his next move, and successfully execute pivots. The trick isn't necessarily to avoid obstacles at all cost, but rather, quickly identify them as resources you can harness. “You can't do great things in the world if you don't have that entrepreneurial, ‘I can do it’ energy,” Reffkin says. “And how do you get that energy? You dream a big dream.” With Dr. Shini Somara, renowned mechanical engineer and science broadcaster.

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