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Selections from ZDM Mathematics Education 51(3) Identity in Mathematics Education

  • (02:38) Mellony Graven & Einat Heyd-Metzuyanim—Mathematics identity research: The state of the art and future directions
  • (06:50) Olga O. Fellus—Connecting the dots: Toward a networked framework to conceptualizing identity in mathematics education
  • (12:21) Maisie L. Gholson & Danny B. Martin—Blackgirl face: Racialized and gendered performativity in mathematical contexts
  • (20:57) Sonja Lutovac & Raimo Kaasila—Methodological landscape in research on teacher identity in mathematics education: A review
  • (26:09) Lisa Darragh & Darinka Radovic—“To Tia with love”: Chilean mathematics teacher identities after professional development
  • (31:28) Einat Heyd-Metzuyanim & Galit Shabtay—Narratives of ‘good’ instruction: Teachers’ identities as drawing on exploration vs. acquisition pedagogical discourses

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