MBS331 - SME Rocket Fuel: Unapologetically Revolutionary (Investor Pitch)


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On this special episode of The Matt Brown Show, we are going to be talking to you about SMERocketfuel.com a platform that Democratized access to capital, talent, and new markets for small businesses around the world.
The intention of this episode is really twofold firstly it's for you, our community to understand our roadmap and the problem we are trying to solve, and how your role can help us achieve it.
The second aim is to raise capital we are looking for $1M - $5M
For Product Development and Growth in Exchange for Equity Share, and we will be explaining the product and the huge opportunity on the table. If you know someone in your network that will be interested in our product please reach out to matt@smerocketfuel.com.
One in every 5 small businesses does not survive their first year. Most do not make it past 5 years. $5.2 trillion funding shortfall for SME’s every year. SMEs need access to markets without the high costs and friction of traditional methods and our mission is to create a compelling economic future for SMEs around the world. Head on over to smerocketfuel.com to learn more!

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