How To Be A Winner In The Experience Economy with Dennis Moseley–Williams


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Chip Munn is joined by this week’s guest, Dennis Moseley Williams. Dennis is an internationally known consultant, motivational speaker, author, and founder of DMW Strategic Consulting. Dennis is a limitless resource on the subject of the experience economy and its relevance to the financial services world.

Chip and Dennis kick off the segment by reviewing the definition of the experience economy and how it differentiates from the service aspect when relating to clients or customers. Dennis explains, “Experience is designed and staged to create time well spent, to create engagement, delight all based on personalization and ultimately a desire within the client to linger, to stick around, to spend more time with the business or business owner.”

Dennis encourages advisors to see every client encounter as a special event, a memory that will leave a lasting impression and poses the following set of questions; “How do you make it more fun? What can you do to transport them from one sense of reality to another? And lastly, what can you do just in the environment to make them want to linger? And how can you use time differently? Think well out in advance of these meetings, what can you put in people's hands that get them excited, that get them interested.”

Chip and Dennis close the episode by reviewing the five crucial phases that should be included in every customer experience; enticing, entering, during, exiting, and extending. By creating a multi-sensory experience, you leave your clients with a memory that won’t soon be forgotten or easily matched.

Dennis ends by encouraging advisors to identify what really drives their clients and to allow them to share both their hopes and fears as well as their concerns for the future. Dennis reminds listeners what the main goal of an advisor should be: “Where the purpose of the said job is to turn the lights on for other people to shine a light in the corner to let them see, to show them the way out of something they didn't think there was a way out of it.”

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