Leveraging Client Input to Uncover Revenue Opportunities in Your Practice, with Julie Littlechild


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In this episode of Maximum Advisor, Chip is joined by Julie Littlechild, CEO & founder of Absolute Engagement. With over 25 years of experience in client engagement research, Julie is an expert at identifying current trends. She breaks down what it means for financial advisors and investors to effectively interact and communicate with clients, particularly during times where there may be heightened stress and uncertainty.

Chip and Julie begin the segment by discussing her background and how Absolute Engagement has changed over the years. Julie explains, "The business has morphed and changed to some extent over the years, really based on the needs that we saw, but our focus is very much on helping advisors integrate the voices of the client in their business so that they can communicate in a way that is personalized and meaningful and helps to drive deeper engagement and ultimately growth."

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