Bonus Episode: Games That Weren't


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In this bonus episode we have two guests, Frank Gasking and Sam Dyer. Frank runs the excellent and informative website Games That Weren't for the last 20 years.

Sam is known for his excellent work over at Bitmap Books.

Games That Weren't features many games that were due to be released but for various reasons didn't happen. Frank has spent years speaking to the people that worked on these games and systems and is now taking it to the next level.

Working with Sam at Bitmap Books, Games That Weren't is coming out as a book. At over 600 pages it covers over 80 games from 1975-2015 it covers unreleased titles for arcade, home computers, consoles and more.

We discuss a few things that you can expect to see in the book and why you should preorder it for the release this August.

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