S5 Ep2: 6-Piece Chicken McNugget McHale Park


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In this podcast, the joint-ticket of TJ and Fat Larry manifest themselves and indeed, each other. They chew the fat on what has been an action packed month of January. They discuss the fall out from the famous Trojan horse, they dissect Mayo's new jerseys which are set to be hi-visibility and of course, highly inbred. Finally we give fans the inside scoop on the newly named McNugget McHale park. We look forward to one day sitting in the McFlurry end wearing a PortWest wetsuit while cheering on our boys in the illuminous yellow above the green above the red. This podcast was made possible by the Cairde MAYOAREBACK. If you would like to set yourself apart from the half-bred half-bakes, all you have to do is DM the page. Don't delay, become a Cairde today!

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