Loki Review S1E2: It's Not Asgard. That's My Lunch + Special Guest TJ Builds Stuff


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Episode two of Loki has dramatically altered the show, so we brought in some help to discuss all the spoilers! Join us and TJ Builds Stuff as we dive into all the new revelations of Loki!

Let's talk about what happened in the latest episode of Loki! If you're looking to have what we've seen explained so far, you're in the right place.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • CSI: Loki
  • Mobius's Gambit
  • A Simple Conversation About Existence
  • The Better Variant
  • Stray Thoughts

If you haven't checked out @TJ_BuildsStuff you should totally do so! They're an incredibly talented creator. You can find all their work here:

Instagram: @Tj_BuildsStuff
TikTok: @TJ_BuildsStuff
Dadalorian Art/Merch

In this episode we referenced an episode of Mark Kermode on Film:
#147: Ghost Stories Special. Mark and Jack Howard examine the genre of the supernatural

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