BALLOOOOON. w/ Jason Concepcion & Melissa Anelli


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Jason Concepcion (@netw3rk), playing for the LA Downtown Women’s Shelter, and Melissa Anelli (@melissaanelli), playing for Camp Kiwanis, kick off Season 3 of Meddling Adults by facing off to solve the most mysteries from Encyclopedia Brown! This is our most educational episode yet, as Jason shares the tale of Ming the Tiger, and both guests share the keys to good fish photography.

Cases: The Case of the Prized Pig, The Case of the Hard Luck Boy, The Case of the Albatross, The Case of the Painting Contest

Clues and Evidence: pig naming etiquette, barrels of money, Ming the Tiger, nuclear bubble gum, Encyclopedia Brown’s Oeuvre, Fish Photo 101, The West Wing, Modern Art teardown,

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