The Case of the Reverse Engineer w/ Julia Schifini & Eric Hamilton Schneider


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Julia Schifini, playing for RAICES, and Eric Schneider, playing for the LGBTQ Center of Cleveland, battle it out in a contest to see who can solve more mysteries from Encyclopedia Brown! Spoiler alert: they are both terrible at it.

Cases - The Case of the Civil War Sword, The Case of Merko’s Grandson, The Case of the Secret Pitch, The Case of the Balloon Man, The Case of the Ambushed Cowboy

Clues and Evidence - Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Kirk Fogg, Antiques Roadshow, The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, reverse engineering, Sally Kimball, 15 cent sandwiches, Regular Merko, Frieda Kahlo, itching powder, lick and a promise, people with 2 first names

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About Meddling Adults: Meddling Adults is a whodunnit game show for charity created by Mike Schubert. Each week, two guests go head-to-head in a contest of solving children’s mysteries from classics like Encyclopedia Brown, Scooby Doo, and Nancy Drew. The winning contestant earns money for a charity of their choice, and this prize pool grows with the help of the show’s Patreon account. The Patreon will cover expenses of creating the show, and all proceeds will go directly into the prize pool for charity.

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