From self-medication to self-determination: a deep dive into drugs (ep 220)


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On this episode’s collected, connected conversations (the fifth in our summer-long series): navigating the harms and hopes associated with drugs. From alcohol to opioids, taxes to testing, you could say we’ve explored our fair share of substances on this show. Featured voices this podcast include (in order of appearance):

• Kim TallBear, associate professor in the Faculty of Native Studies at the University of Alberta

• Tim Fontaine, head honcho at satirical news site Walking Eagle News

• Solomon Israel, cannabis industry reporter

• Ken Williams, assistant professor with the University of Alberta’s department of drama

• Brock Pitawanakwat, Associate Professor of Indigenous Studies at York University

• Patrice Mousseau, entrepreneur

• Colleen Simard, freelance writer, clothing designer and filmmaker

• Conrad Prince, Indigenous health and child welfare advocate

• Lakota activist and communications professional, Taté Walker

// CREDITS: Creative Commons music in this episode includes “Headway,” by Kai Engel, “No Moon” by Unheard Music Concepts, “Mechanics Of Leaving” by Haunted Me, The Apotheosis of All Deserts, by ROZKOL, “Open Door” and “The Jewel and Me” by Little Glass Men, “The Pear In The Garden” by Kevin Hartnell, as well as “Ride to the party” by Anonymous420.

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