Let's Talk About How To Live a Good Life! With Massimo Pigliucci


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Staying in shape

The Dutch press thinks Stoicism is being misused as modern-day self-help tripe. Massimo Pigliucci takes another view. He also knows how to tell science from bunk. He wrote the book on it. “Prove it!” he challenges. How could I NOT engage him in discussion?

Massimo Pigliucci is a biologist, and a philosopher, a skeptic and a-theist who teaches philosophy at the City College of NY. He publishes extensively in evolutionary biology, ancient philosophy and the philosophy of science. Recent books from his pen include How to be a Stoic and A Field Guide to a Happy Life. Massimo is also an engaging and rewarding conversationalist. I was delighted to have him join me for a podcast in which we touched on the four Stoic virtues, the hedonic treadmill and how to stay in shape (stoically speaking, that is.)

A couple of nuggets from our exchange: “Want to appreciate things? Do without them. "… and "Deprivation is not sustainable.” Go ahead: try to square these with each other. Somehow, Pigliucci makes it effortless.

Please join us. I think he'll leave you wanting more as well. Just press play!

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