Bonus: Ruth's poem "Halloween"


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"Halloween" by Ruth. Read by Bréjean.

Production, sound design, and music by Lori Mortimer.

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Seventh grade, age 11. And it was written on 10/20 of 1932.


The autumn has another pleasure, for Halloween is coming soon,

When through the leafless trees there shines the great October moon.

The spooks all start when darkness falls, the wind howls round the house all night,

But 'tis not till near the dawn that the witches take their flight.

Then after a night of weird music, these spooks all scamper away,

The witches and goblins and fairies go not to return for a year from that day.

The only traces remaining are the scattered leaves on the ground,

And apples shaken from the trees showed that these imps were around.

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