EP 6 - Gay Men + Straight Men = ?, with John Lauritsen


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John Lauritsen thinks freely, studies deeply and, as an independent scholar not beholden to academic or philanthropic dictates, is free to speak his mind. One of his main interests is love between men, which he defines as including love, sex, and friendship. On this episode of Men Are Talking we talk about the reasons gay men and heterosexual men so often see each other as different because of our sexualities and so rarely see each other as the same because of our sex.

Near the start of the show John makes a reference to Frankenstein. I meant to explain what John was referring to but I failed to circle back. John is the author of The Man Who Wrote Frankenstein, a treatise that disputes the recently popularized idea that it was Mary Shelley, rather than her husband Percy Bysshe Shelley, who wrote The Modern Prometheus, more commonly known as Frankenstein. See paganpressbooks.com/jpl/TMWWF-PG.HTM

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