EP 15 - Blair Daly and the New Generation of Male Gender Issues Activists


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When you think of a person who is passionate about bringing attention and redress to male gender issues, chances are good you don't think of someone like Blair Daly. And after you hear from Blair, maybe you'll be a little more willing to hear -- and maybe even seek out -- what other male gender issues activists have to say. Maybe you'll have a few good things you want to say yourself. With more and more people like Blair, you'll be in very good company.

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Connect with Equality for Boys and Men

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Program bio from Blair’s appearance at the International Conference on Men's Issues 2021:

“Blair advocates for the well-being and equal treatment of boys and men in Washington state via his platform Equality for Boys and Men (EBM). EBM’s philosophy is that equality must include girls, boys, women, and men, and this begins with a comprehensive look at what constitutes gender equality.

“Since starting EqualityforBoysandMen.org in February 2021, Blair’s two most-read posts are about lessons from the movie Daddy Day Care and the positive masculine traits exemplified by the men of STORROR, the world’s most famous parkour group. However, his bread and butter is real-world advocacy combined with content production (articles, videos, interviews, social media) focused on issues in the Seattle area and throughout all corners of The Evergreen State. EBM publishes a mix of positive and negative stories about boys’ and men’s issues – stories that deserve to be told along with stories that, unfortunately, need to be told.

“Blair’s parents divorced when he was 14, and at 28 he was in an abusive marriage; fatherlessness and domestic abuse are issues near and dear to him.”

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