EP 3 - Title IX, Plus or Minus, With Mark Perry


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Mark Perry is an economics professor at the University of Michigan and a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. He is also a one-man wrecking crew against "gender-conscious" (AKA pro-female, seldom-if-ever-pro-male) scholarships, programs, services, and facilities provided to a supposedly disadvantaged sex (AKA women, even though they outnumber men) in colleges and universities in violation of Title IX's rules against sexism in higher education. Maybe you'd like to help him? He tells you how.

Correction provided by Dr. Perry: In 2021, 57.7% of US bachelor’s degrees were awarded to women, which is a ratio of 136 women for every 100 men. In the video, Dr. Perry misstated the female-male bachelor’s degree ratio as 157-to-100, which is the female-male ratio for associate’s degrees.

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