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Hello, and welcome to the Men in Gorilla Suits community. Membership has its privileges: no message forums, membership cards, or expectations other than, "We're not the bosses of whatever you want!"

But there are podcasts, organizations, and so many other things around which communities are built. In fact, that's the topic of this episode.

Some of what we talk about:

  • What is your first memory of community?
  • How important is a sense of community to a person's development?
  • What are some communities you have been a part of...or currently still take part in?
  • The online world makes it possible for anyone to try establishing communities. What are some online communities that have impressed you...and why?
  • What are some examples of online communities having a negative effect on society?
  • Have you ever established or managed a community?
  • Do you feel we have a community based around this show...and what is your opinion of it?
  • Do you ever feel like we should do more to create a sense of community based around Men in Gorilla Suits?
  • What's the weirdest community you know of?
  • Is there any community you're not a part of that you'd like to join? Why?
  • What do you think about people very into something who are not part of any community for that thing?
  • What is the future for communities?

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