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Fielding has a very funny show based on her life and marriage to actor Larry Clarke called Bitter Homes & Gardens She’s a talented comic, actress and writer who is pretty fearless in talking about stuff that most people don’t share, but all people think and feel. In a time that’s all about positivity and saying the right things, doing comedy about the petty stuff you don’t like in your relationship, is hysterical and actually could promote some resilience. Ok, I’ll stop talking ike a therapist, because I’m getting nauseas. In short, I’m a fan. In this episode, Jennifer shares relationship skills and when a behavior with your partner bugs you asking the question “What is going on in me that is either causing that behavior or making that behavior worse?” This is not to say that there aren’t abusive relationships and that not everyone should stay together in something that isn’t working. Just looking at what goes on in me, rather than immediately reacting about what’s wrong with the other person. Little internal questions (which sounds like a Hulu series) can be big. Find Fielding’s great work here: and Jennifer’s amazing work here: Write us at Thanks for listening!

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