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CJ McCollum is a guard on the Portland Trail Blazers. He’s also a journalist, a winemaker, and the host of his own podcast, Pull Up with CJ McCollum. Unfortunately, CJ’s had to battle some injuries throughout his career as a professional basketball player. Recently, he was out for 8 weeks with a broken foot. I got to talk to him right before he got back on the court - in fact, literally during this recording, the Trail Blazers announced he would be playing the next day.

But if you follow CJ on social media, you’ve seen that whenever he’s injured, he’s still posting so much POSITIVITY! Although I’m sure it’s unbelievably frustrating to not be able to do what he loves, he never makes it seem that way, saying it just makes him appreciate what he has even more. In fact, even the whole “not being able to do what he loves” thing - the things he loves are seemingly little things, like walking his dog, Fiona. Things that many of us often take for granted.

So I loved talking with CJ about how he gets through tough times, the mental health struggles of professional athletes, and how he shows love and support to his teammates and friends.
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