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A delve into the thoughts of a great leader, inspiring visionary, a venerable soul, but ultimately just a man.
'An Autobiography' by M.K. Gandhi (also known as 'My Experiments With Truth') is an overview of his life from birth in 1869 to 1921. It is split into 5 parts which reflect his time spent studying in England, working in South Africa and protesting in India. It was originally published as a series in a magazine in 166 individual chapters, so contains diverse topics such as dietetics, ethics, weaving and his reasoning behind particular decisions.
I summarised the book as follows. "It's a brief glimpse into the life of an extraordinary dude. I really admire certain aspects of his personality but also dislike others. The writing in the book is of high quality but unfortunately autobiographies are not my favourite so this won't make it into my best of all time list. However, I do think it might be great for those who already love the effect that Gandhi had on the world an want to learn more about his personal life."
I hope you have a fantastic day wherever you are in the world. Kyrin out!
(0:00) - Intro
(0:40) - Synopsis
(4:06) - Satya: Truth & God
(6:31) - Ahisma: Nonviolence
(11:07) - Personal Observations/Takeaways
(15:08) - Summary
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