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Shocking and devastating in every which way.
'Hiroshima' by John Hersey details the accounts of 6 survivors from the atomic blast on August 6, 1945 @ 8:15 am. It goes over their injuries, the general chaos, widespread destructive effects, uncertainty of the future, overt heroism on the morning of, and the statistics of the death count. 5 chapters form a timeline of their stories before/during/1 day/3 days and 40 years after their horrific ordeal.
I summarised the book as follows. "It's a brief snapshot of an event that changed the lives of so many. This was my second reading and some of the stories were still imprinted on my brain from the first time. Overall it's a short & unemotional recount from individuals, but it will still probably make you as the reader tear up from the sheer tragedy/magnitude caused by one bomb."
I hope you have a fantastic day wherever you are in the world. Kyrin out!
(0:00) - Intro
(0:31) - Synopsis
(3:06) - Devastation: Severe & overwhelming shock or grief
(7:27) - Personal Observations/Takeaways
(9:42) - Summary
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