Lord Of The Flies (William Golding) - Book Review


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A dive into the brutality of humanity, but childlike in nature and without the bullshit of politics.
'Lord Of The Flies' by William Golding is a boy's dream adventure that takes a dark turn. It begins with an intro to a group of 6-14 year olds who are stranded on a small island without an adult in site. Tensions run high as the responsible tribe formed by Ralph is splintered by the tribalistic Jack. The savagery of human nature and deep seated fear of the Beast is exposed as the hunting progresses.
I summarised the book as follows. "It's a tale of day/night, beauty/beast and fun/fear. It takes a real look at human nature by examining us at our most primal, when we are little beastly children. It's a short book but gives you time to get to know each character. Overall it felt like a mix of Robinson Crusoe with any generic children's book (such as The Fantastic Five or Deltora Quest)."
I hope you have a fantastic day wherever you are in the world. Kyrin out!
(0:00) - Intro
(0:34) - Synopsis
(3:57) - Human Nature: Savagery without sophistication
(7:32) - The Beast: A meta-fear that everyone knows
(12:41) - Personal Observations/Takeaways
(16:11) - Summary
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