JORDAN MICHAELIDES | An Uncommon Podcast, Crypto’s Effect On Humanity & The Best Books To Read


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In Conversation #59 I chat with Jordan Michaelides, host of the 'Uncommon' podcast, cofounder of Neuralle digital agency and Head of Partnerships at CoinJar. Some of the topics we cover include: the origination story of Neuralle/Uncommon, guest selection and how he gets the most out of them, his experience in the crypto industry with CoinJar and a whole selection of books that we both seem to have read.
Jordan is a great guy and I highly recommend his podcast, his style is unique and overall it is top notch!
(0:00) - Voice acting & Neuralle
(4:06) - Connecting via podcasting
(9:46) - Uncommon people
(15:44) - Breaking media mode
(20:50) - Behind marketing communication
(27:05) - Long-term effect of declining trust
(38:23) - Fraud & the human condition
(43:51) - Regulation in the crypto industry
(51:51) - Explaining crypto
(57:12) - Personal Q's
(1:00:03) - Bonsai & socialising
(1:03:50) - A-type anxiety
(1:12:12) - The best books
(1:17:32) - Connect with Jordan
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