Looking Back: A Review Of Our 2021 Goals


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It's time for a sum episode of everything that we've been doing in the past year!
In Episode #233 of 'Meanderings' Juan and I discuss: the links between our overarching long-term goals down to our daily checklists, Juan's 3 categories of Body/Mind/Soul and why he is pretty chuffed with an 80% completion rate, my 8 categories (too many to put here) and how I failed some miserably, altered some, smashed some out of the park and even completed one without meaning to!
As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!
(0:00) - Poor man glasses
(1:02) - General goals process
(7:48) - Juan: Body
(10:36) - Kyrin: Partner, Relationships & Finance
(15:51) - Juan: Mind
(18:32) - Kyrin: Health, Spirituality & Travel
(24:09) - Juan: Soul
(26:17) - Kyrin: Character & Knowledge/Skills
(30:43) - 2021 Fitness Challenge
(36:22) - A sum up
(39:13) - Boostagram Time!!
(45:58) - Lightning on Twitter
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