Mental Traps: Falling For Bullshit & Awareness Of Blind Spots


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What are the mental traps that you fall into and how do you try to combat them?
In Episode #247 of 'Meanderings' Juan and I discuss: my recent TikTok superstardom with my brothers random friends, essential survival tools, essential entertainment devices (to throw at noisy crows), the mind reading capabilities shown in 'The Portrait Of A Lady' by Henry James, areas where we stuff up all the time, misinterpretation of an NFL kiss cam, the superpower of Dave Chappelle and a recommendation to try out Oscar Merry's
As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!
(0:00) - I'm a TikTok superstar
(4:36) - 3 things on a deserted island
(8:24) - 3 entertainment items on a deserted island
(13:18) - Non verbal deciphering and social cues
(20:37) - Mental traps & blind spots
(24:06) - Falling for BS & 30 second videos
(29:44) - Dave Chappelle & 100% wit
(33:49) - No boostagrams, check out Fountain
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