The Psychology Of Going All In


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Is dedicating yourself single-mindedly to a task a psychologically good for you?
In Episode #230 of 'Musings' Juan and I discuss: how Juan is ill prepared and therefore definitely not all in, Tolstoy's book and story that gave me the idea for today's topic, our definition on what this psychology is, why Juan thinks Tolstoy is an average writer and needs to improve (lol), why I believe that the mental process of pure dedication is one of narrowing your focus, liberation from choice and efficiency vs consistency, our general thoughts on whether it is healthy and some shoutouts to key supporters!
As always, we hope you enjoy. Mere Mortals out!
(0:00) - Ill prepared
(0:47) - The Death of Ivan Ilyich
(4:32) - Defining 'going all in'
(9:55) - Tolstoy needs to get better at writing
(14:20) - Putting the blinders on
(22:44) - The pros of being all in
(28:05) - Should people be more 'all in' than not?
(33:54) - Shoutout to Anisha & Katie
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