Fabienne Erni from Illumishade: The More Cheesy the Better


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Friends, Romans, Metalheads, lend me your ears.On this episode we're dipping back into the...pond... of time(?) to an interview that seems a lifetime ago, thanks to the intervening plague, but was in fast just earlier this year.This is a conversation with Fabienne Erni of Illumishade and it's one I did before the Fatrick Bumbatrick style really solidified, so you might notice my staying slightly more on topic than these days. To be honest I cringed a bit listening back to it, but Fabienne was such a relentlessly happy and enthusiastic guest she carries the whole thing and you probably wouldn't notice if I hadn't told you, but I have now, and I haven't written all those words just to delete them. Stream of consciousness intros, stream of consciousness outros and now stream of consciousness show notes too, apparently.

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