Quantum Biofeedback with Guy Larsson


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Join psychic medium Annie Miller and special guest host Illumination for a conversation with quantum biofeedback practitioner Guy Larsson.
Guy Larsson, an ordained minister, has been learning and “teaching” in the spiritual transformation domain for more than 20 years. He trained as a facilitator for 2 and a half years with Clarity Consultants, Inc., a transformation & communication workshop organization during the late 80s. Guy’s greatest gift comes from acute “listening” for transparent belief systems that create havoc in our lives. Guy uses this skill, with his 20 years of being a student & teacher of A COURSE IN MIRACLES to help people pinpoint areas of their lives where they feel blocked—and help with removing the blocks. With nearly 8 years of working with teens in a spiritual organization, Guy is committed to share what comes “through” him with children of all ages. Guy has learned about personal energy and also how certain technologies, such as quantum bio-feedback, scalar wave lasers, etc., can enhance his psychic or healing energies to work with the subconscious mind. The basis of healing is to remove the blocks to the awareness of our own inherent healing power. Guy feels the addition of these technologies help to clear our limiting core beliefs.

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