103: The world's largest micromobility market with Alan Jiang, founder of Beam


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Fun fact: Seoul, South Korea is the largest market for shared scooters globally, and Beam is one of the largest players there.

This week, Oliver interviews Alan Jiang, founder of Beam, the largest shared Micromobility operator in Asia-Pacific. Asia is one of the hotspots for micromobility given its home to the majority of the world’s population experiencing the growth, density and ensuing urban congestion where micromobility really thrives. We’re very excited to cover more of it in 2021. Alan has a great view over the market and it's nuances.

Speciflcally they dig into:

- Alan’s background at Uber and then Ofo

- how he’s seeing the market develop in Asia and Australasia

- Seoul - it’s the worlds biggest scooter market, and you're one of the largest players. What are the benefits to scale and what are they seeing?

- Beam’s unique commodity hardware strategy

- fundraising and what he’s seen change in the conversations over the last 12-24 months

- how Alan think of the ridehailing players, and whether Grab/Go-Jek/Didi are going to go hard into micromobility

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