How to Manage Cloud Spend In Azure — With Your Endpoint of Choice


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Get tips for visibility and management of your cloud spend in Azure using your endpoint of choice, from the Azure Cost Management portal, Power BI for custom views and reporting, to API-based integration that feeds cost data into your existing financial system. Matt McSpirit, Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Azure, joins Jeremy Chapman to share how you can configure your Azure environment to meet specific cost reporting needs.

Whether you're from the IT team or the finance team, choose from a number of options:

Azure Cost Management in the Azure portal- Gives you the most comprehensive access to cost management views and reports.

Azure Cost Management Power BI app- Great visibility with pre-built views out-of-the-box to track your Azure spend at the account, subscription, and resource group level.

Power BI desktop connector- For more custom reporting, take our base Power BI template files and customize by building your own views.

API-based integration- For ultimate control and customization, use APIs directly to integrate the data within your internal apps and financial systems.


00:00 - Introduction 01:29 - See your options 03:32 - Assess spend by department or business unit 05:22 - Configure cost tracking at granular workload level 07:14 - Establish management groups or tags retrospectively 08:38 - Options for Power BI 10:57 - Leverage APIs 11:51 - Wrap up

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Watch our episode on cloud economics essentials to understand the fundamentals of cloud costs at Get tips on naming your tags at Download our cost management app at For guidance on the Azure Cost Management connector in Power BI desktop, go to Learn more about configuring resources in Azure with the Azure setup guide at Find more tools, templates, and guidance at

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