Azure Virtual Desktop for on-premises Azure Stack HCI + other hybrid updates


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Take a look at the just announced capability to run Azure Virtual Desktop for Azure Stack HCI on premises, as well as a roundup of what's new in hybrid management across platforms with Azure Arc. Azure Virtual Desktop, formerly known as Windows Virtual Desktop, used to be an all or nothing decision in order to run your VMs from the Azure cloud. Now you can use Azure, Azure Stack HCI, and use Windows 10 multi-session in a hybrid environment where you get the full Windows experience along with cost efficiency. Matt McSpirit, Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Azure, joins Jeremy Chapman to share the latest Azure hybrid updates:

A unified management plane in the Azure cloud for your virtual desktops, whether they're running in the cloud or locally on Azure Stack HCI Manage Azure Stack HCI physical hosts and clusters at scale with Azure Arc Deploy a VM from the Azure portal to your on-prem VMware environment Up-to-date inventory of your VMware resource pools, clusters, hosts, and virtual networks all in your VMware environment in the Azure portal


00:00 - Introduction 02:05 - See it in action: Admin experience 03:51 - Other benefits to Azure Virtual Desktop 05:14 - Workloads running on Azure Stack HCI 07:11 - Improved management of other resources in data center 08:04 - Deploy a VM from the Azure portal to on-prem VMware environment 09:12 - Wrap up

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