Biden wants vows to unite the country. How to end this uncivil war.


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Today we are joined by Clint Lose ex capitol hill staffer in Washington, Eric Marcus of the Making Gay History podcast, TV pundit Laura Babcock in Hamilton Ontario, writer Doug Levy in San Francisco, Derek Perkinson of the National Action Network in New York, writer Emma Burnell in London and Jeanie Walsh AC transport director in Oakland.

Biden Wants to Unite the Country. We must end this uncivil war!


Speaker 0 (41s): Hi, Mid Atlantic pundits and listeners. I'm Maddie from Moto and a great fan of Roifield podcast, especially Atlantic after the US insurrection podcast, I want it to ring in to support Laura Babcock and Rick Wright by asking us to what's this space very carefully X to my mind, to the U S North America. And actually the whole world had a narrow escape. And you, because Trump is superbly self disillusioned, meaning that before November, he really believed he would win in the election and therefore did not get his trips organized in time.

For real coop, had he had another term, or if Paris had thought he got in a term in 2020 for you would of been ready to get US militia to take the government hostage and to declare him precedent for life. It is good, and he's such a bad business executive and used to organize a thank goodness for that. He did a great job and thanks for the podcast. It's always very interesting to listen to. Well, I couldn't agree more with our colour. I think we have to keep watching this space.

There are rumours that Trump wants to start a Patriot party and maybe have his children run for the Senate. And if it's not his family, there are certainly others who are trying to pick up his audience and trying to keep his mega movement going. And so we got a break this time we got to break because they thought they had it when they realized they didn't have it. They tried their COO and they weren't successful. But that by no means suggests that the millions of people that bought into the big lie that Trump was so good at putting out there.

Aren't still wanting to believe that lie, and aren't willing to follow somebody else in his footsteps. So I appreciate the call and I agree wholeheartedly.

Speaker 1 (2m 22s): Thank you for that. Cool, Maddie, if you would like to join Maddie by responding to a comment on this episode, why don't you go on to Mid Atlantic, click the button, which has speak pipe and the little red tab over there on the right. And you can leave a voice note of up to two minutes, which will then we'll include on a future show. So go to Mid Atlantic hit the speak pipe button, the little red tab over on the right's and leave us your message, which will play an a forthcoming show.

Now on with today's episode. Welcome submitted. Atlantic the show where we look at the news reviews from one side of the endocrine, the perspective of the other I'm Roifield Brown who was back in my beloved Bay area. Today, we are joined by, Hmm. It's called in to my notes. It says Clint Lucy ex Capitol staffer, but he's just told us that he's got to go off and do a work call, but he might be joining us later. We have Eric Marcus of the Making Gay History podcast. TV pundit Laura Babcock in Hamilton Ontario we have writer and Sage Doug Levy in the San Francisco Emma Burnell because without her it's this even a Mid Atlantic she is a writer and a political commentator in London.

Derek Perkinson my brother from another mother from the national action network in New York. And we have my pal, my good friend, Jean Walsh, who is the director of AC transit in Oakland California. Say hello folks. Sure. Are you

Speaker 3 (3m 52s): Please raise your right hand and repeat after me. I Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. Do solemnly swear. I had Joseph Robyn at Biden Jr. Do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute that I will faithfully execute the office of president of the United States...

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