Episode 63: Kevin Owens - Irish Born, American Made


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From being an Irish special forces soldier conducting operations at the height of the British/IRA conflicts to fighting for America as a Green Beret in Iraq and Afghanistan- Kevin Owens has Over 30 years of experience fighting for the country he lives in at the highest level possible. Absolutely riveting insight and interview sitting down with him discussing his Irish childhood and vast combat experiences as an adult.

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Table of Timestamps:

Intro - 0:00

Breaking the Ice - 1:43

Growing Up Irish - 10:30

The Northern Ireland Conflict - 20:10

Antifa, Police, and Peaceful Protests - 34:30

Irish Army vs American Army - 42:37

Discharge By Purchase - 49:30

The Mogadishu Job - 56:20

In The Army Now - 1:05:20

An Irish Diet - 1:17:30

Special Forces - 1:27:50

Taking The Leash Off - 1:40:30

Sniper School - 1:52:40

Professional Soldier, Personal Man - 2:02:40

Retired (Medically) - 2:10:55

Canine Combat - 2:24:26

Voting in 2020 - 2:28:55

Irish Stereotypes - 2:38:20

FieldCraft Survival - 2:40:45

Closing Remarks - 2:44:10


To find out more about Kevin or FieldCraft Survival, visit www.fieldcraftsurvival.com or find him on Instagram @kevin.p.owens.


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