Episode 65: Captain Phillips & Extortion 17 with Terry Houin


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The story of Captain Phillips and the sniper operation that saved his life and rescued him is one of the best our country has. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Terry Houin, one of the deadliest men on the planet, and who was one of the snipers on that operation. We talked about his amazing 26 year career as a SEAL, primarily spent at Development Group in the SEAL teams.

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Table of Timestamps:

0:00 Show Start

5:15 Breaking the Ice

16:45 Dairy Farm Roots

20:00 Boot Camp in Orlando

27:00 Seal Team 4

37:40 Gold Squadron

43:10 Afghan Deployment

51:40 Headed to Iraq

55:10 Jessica Lynch

59:00 Birthday Party

1:06:00 Sniper Overwatch

1:18:00 Husband and Father

1:21:50 Extortion 17

1:27:20 Captain Phillips

1:51:40 Master Chief

1:56:30 Shrapnel & PTSD

2:06:00 Family Man


To find out more about Terry or to follow him on Instagram, find him at www.instagram.com/terry.houin.


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